Confessions of the Coffee Shop Girl

Everybody knows me as the coffee-obsessed-girl, and I am perfectly ok with this. I am proud of who I am, and this is just a small characteristic I am dying to share about myself.

However, it is not necessarily the coffee that I am obsessed with. I love coffee, don’t get me wrong, but there is a deeper meaning to coffee (for me) than what most people think.

I love coffee shops because of what happens on the inside of them.







Two friends meeting up after a summer apart, catching up over cups of cappuccinos and five hour-long conversations.

Two people sitting at a table with their Bibles wide open, wondering, exploring, and deepening their faith together.

A shy couple on their first date, seeing if either of them are the person they have been searching for their entire lives.

A place where a twenty-something writer gets to imagine and hope for the future that God has planned for her. A place where God gives her vision and clarity on what to write next.

Coffee shops have been all of those places to me, and more.


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I sit in coffee shops and feel thankful.

Thankfulness for the various ways God has blessed me over the twenty-one years of my life. And for the blessings that He will continue to stow upon me freely, even when I do not deserve a single one.

Thankfulness for the gift of friendship. A morning this past week I was having my time with the Lord at a coffee shop, reading the good Word. In the midst of it, the Lord kept putting my precious friends on my heart. He continually reminded me of the beautiful blessings they have poured into my life. They encourage me, they confront me, they lead me, they listen to me (even though I am typically the listener), and most importantly, they LOVE me. God has given me the most amazing friends, and I am so, so blessed by them.

Thankfulness for the gift of Jesus’ word. How amazing is it to know that the Word is still alive and breathing from over 2,000+ years ago? How amazing is it to know that the gift of the gospel started with ONLY TWELVE appointed disciples, and is still being spread across the world like wildfire? That is the power of the Holy Spirit. And I sit in awe and amazement by our God and how much He loves us. Truly, truly loves us.

The truth is, I have experienced Jesus many times in coffee shops. I have spent countless hours writing to Him in my prayer journals, studying His word, talking about Him with friends and family,  thanking Him for the abundant love only HE can provide, and listening for His quiet, gentle whispers.

Coffee shops are special. They are a place where people gather alone or together and experience joy. This is what coffee shops have been for me, and I will be forever grateful.

My cup overflows ~


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IMG_5172 (1)


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Coffee shops pictured above:

The Pourhouse Cafe – Bloomington, Indiana

The Inkwell – Bloomington, Indiana

Milktooth – Indianapolis, Indiana

Conjure Coffee – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Pickwick Coffee Roasting Co. – Chicago, Illinois

The Bridge – Upland, Indiana

3 thoughts on “Confessions of the Coffee Shop Girl

  1. i love this! Also all your pictures of coffee are so beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love you sweet girl and may all your coffee shop dreams come true. You truly love these places, and I do hope God has an AMAZING coffee shop plan for you life. Soooooo extremely proud of you, your relationship with Jesus and how you are growing in HIM! I am also sooo proud of who you are and are becoming – God’s Girl!! AND MOST OF ALL sooooo proud to be your Auntie!! Love you my sweet niece!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Auntie!!!

    Thank you so much. This comment almost made me cry. I love you forever!


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