Dear Jesus: A Humbled Heart

I am guilty.


Because I want to be seen. I want to be known, I desire to write and change lives by my words,

But when will I realize? My words are not my own.

When will I realize? That it is Your breath in my lungs….

And I have not been pouring out my praise to You only?

I have been praising myself instead of You.

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Your love humbles me.

O, God. When you humble me, I have no other choice but to fall on my knees, at Your feet and gaze up. When You humble me, there is no place I would rather be than peering up at You, Your radiant, never-failing, never-changing light shining down upon my face.

When I look up at You, I start to understand….

How truly small I am,

And how truly Great You are.

But when will I realize?

You see me.

I am already known by the One who died to know me.

Even when:

I seek approval and love from the number of followers and likes I receive.

Even when:

I seek for self-worth by the image in my mirror or the number on my scale.

Even when:

I seek the world instead of You…


You call me Yours.

How beautiful Your love is for me, O God.

You call me redeemed,

You call me precious,

You call me loved.

You say that I am created by your glory, for your glory.

You blot out my transgressions, you make me new.


You make me new.

You make me new.

You make me new.

You knew.

You knew me before I was in my mother’s womb.

You knew me the moment I took my first breath on this earth.

You knew that I would look away from you and choose to pave my own path some days.

But still,

You call me Yours.

You chose to die on that rugged cross for me.

You knew you would make me new:

White as snow

Whiter than snow.

You knew you would make me new by the bloodshed and the bruises and the burns you bore for me.

Even still,

You called me Yours,

You call me Yours,

You claim me as your Own.

And I selfishly think of myself in all of this?

Oh Jesus, Your love humbles me.

You are the King of my Humbled Heart.

Forever and ever… amen.


3 thoughts on “Dear Jesus: A Humbled Heart

  1. Absolutely love this post, Marissa!

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