This is a message to all women:

You’re beautiful,

Not because of your piercing eye color or the lack of blemishes on your skin.

You’re beautiful,

Not for the number sewn boldly on your jeans or the infamous gap in your teeth.

You’re beautiful,

Not because you recieved 700 Instagram likes on your last selfie.

Your beauty is not measured by any of those things, not even a little.

Please beleive me when I say that your beauty stems down deeper than the human eye can see at first glance. Your beauty comes from the core of your soul.

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You’re beautiful

When you allow the mask of fake filters to be ripped off your face and slipped into the trash can.

You’re beautiful

When the vulnerability rises up inside of you to speak up about the shattered pieces of your heart.

You’re beautiful

When the gut-wrenching, belly-bursting laugh jumps right out of your lungs and into the heart of someone who needs to smile today.

You’re beautiful

When you give forth your money towards anything but your own desires and possessions.

You’re beautiful

When you take time to invite a lost and lonely person into your heart, asking them to stay awhile, making them feel at home.

You’re beautiful

When you realize that your beauty has nothing to do with your outward appearance at all.

You see, as a woman, the world tells me that I am beautiful for big breasts and a round behind, six pack abs and muscular legs. Don’t get me wrong, these things are GOOD to have, but not where our identity should rest.

As a woman, I am here to tell you that you are beautiful not AT ALL because of what you like like, but…..

because of who you are, 



to the core of your soul.

Sister, you are created in the image of God. You lack no good thing. Your Creator took extra care in the making of you. So honor Him by taking care of you, too. Your heart and soul need soft hands that will mend you and hold you. Your heart and soul need strength to stand up to the lies of the world that we, as women, are anything less than daughters of the ONE TRUE KING:

 J E S U S.