Return To Your Rest, O My Soul

These past few weeks have felt foggy and dim. Almost like I have been driving at night with thick, fog clouds no longer resting in the sky- but getting in the way of my vision, Hanging down on the cold, black asphalt on the too-familiar double-lined road I have felt myself driving on for weeks.


I have been going too fast, way past the speed limit. I try to turn the bright lights on in my car… I try to bring the Light into my life, but it’s just met by more fog & confusion.

Just as I’m almost falling asleep at the wheel of my life, I finally hear the quiet, yet sudden voice of the Light urging me to just stop and rest in His loving embrace.

“There is abundant, easy, freedom-filled rest elsewhere on a hidden path that has not been revealed until now.”

So I listen. Suddenly my car is turning off the main road and onto a different road.

I go slow.

The fog thins and the Light burns brighter, deeper and deeper I press into His voice.

I look up and the fog has cleared. The stars are burning bright, there is now abundant Light.

“Come with Me.” whispers the sweet voice of God.

Although taking a detour from the main road of my life has been hard,

I am at peace,

Knowing I am right where God wants me.

There is freedom found in the midst of foggy roads. Call out to Jesus and He will make your path clear in time. Trust in Him, He knows just what to do.

Matthew 11:30 “For my yoke is easy and my burden is  l i g h t.” -Jesus


1 thought on “Return To Your Rest, O My Soul

  1. Thanks for this Marissa. God speaks to me through it today.


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