Who I Am


hello, beautiful soul. welcome to the space where the private thoughts and dreams of my joyful, beating heart collide with your own. i am so glad you are here and only hope that you meet Jesus through each word that He has given me.

i reside in the sweet state of Indiana; a place I have lived all my life. i grew up thinking how wonderful it would be to leave the country roads with cornfields on each side and set out for an adventure, somewhere with mountains or the ocean. but realized that God has had me on an adventure all of my life, and that i do not need anything but Him to make it that way.

i recently became a wife to my dearly loved husband. he is a sweet, gracious gift from the Lord. i am nothing but eager for a lifetime of deep friendship founded on the solid foundation of our sweet Jesus.

my favorite season is fall… oh how I love it! there is something special to me about warm days followed by crisp nights spent cozied up by a fire & the air filled with deep conversation and laughter. oh, and not to mention… pumpkin everything.

i also love baking home made bread, and cooking dinner for any mouth that might walk through the front of my door. chances are, if you walk in my home, you better not EVER leave with a hungry stomach 🙂

i’m your classic introvert. i love people dearly but could spend my whole day hollowed up in a cozy corner of my home sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee while reading a book.

lastly, it is my hope and prayer that this life I live is not at all about me, but all about Him. The dying place and the saving grace that sacrificed my soul to live. Jesus is everything to me, and I hope he can become everything to you, too.

 All I am is all that He has made me to be.



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